Jul 4, 2014

BWE, VIII: Time Machine

So, here's the thing: I didn't take any photos this week. I took the week off by accident. To make up for this lack, I've dug up some photos I took in March that I never did anything with. I had always planned to throw them on Flickr and revive that stream, but I unintentionally took a break from taking photos. I put down my camera and didn't pick it up for months save for events.

Anyway, this past March I was invited to go on a bachelorette weekend in Savannah, Georgia to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! I had so much fun and I'm really glad I got to go and get to know all the ladies. I wasn't a bridesmaid, but my sister was and I was so happy when they wanted me to go, too! You know that feeling? When people want you in their lives? It's good.

One of the crazy nights we were there, we saw the greatest drag show I have ever seen in my life.

I literally tweeted:

I felt so empowered and happy afterward that I just could not stop thinking about it and smiling and knowing that the world was a good place. I do this thing where I get really emotional if I'm too happy, and I had lumps in my throat and goosebumps on my arms. I just can't even accurately describe it without cliches.

On to pictures—

I've been trying and procrastinating like crazy to choose, crop, and post these photos for like 5 days, so it is a miracle that I even posted. I am even tempting myself to get this post up tonight, by refraining from looking at the photos I took today until this is done.

I've been pretty good at procrastinating lately, but life is happening so fast! I'm trying to be apart of that speed instead of watching it rush by, but it's definitely tricky.

Happy 4th! Bald eagles! Tim Howard!

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