Jul 7, 2014

Best Week Ever, IX

So, I've been doing these posts for two months now, and though Sunday is the beginning of the week, my posts have had a bad habit of not showing up until Wednesdays or Thursdays.. Of course it's completely my bangerang procrastination skills that have kept these posts behind, but that's neither here nor there. The blog is still the blog and will be the blog. It's just a nice thought to have a post schedule, you know?

This week I took a self portrait. I fell back into the groove of tripods, remotes, and getting up multiple times in a row to check the back of the camera. I found my light and made sure the neighbors weren't watching, and took my own portrait a la my own 52 Weeks project in 2010.

I am often embarrassed for people to see me taking self portraits, and I always have been. Even before the whole "selfie" craze started (and before "selfie" even became a word) there were hundreds of teenagers on Flickr who were taking artistic self portraits every day or every week and challenging themselves to make art on their own and learn themselves. There's no shame in it really, but I can't help but pretend to be taking landscape pictures when I'm caught.

Also, introducing my first official picture of my lil tat.

Hang in there kids, life is going to be okay!

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