Jun 26, 2014

Best Week Ever, VII

This week I can honestly say that everything that happened outside of work, completely outshone my 25 hours behind the counter. The difference in feelings between this week and last is sort of incredible. Hallelujah to that. I feel like this is what successful and truly happy adults feel like!

On Sunday night, two girls that I've known since middle school came out to Knoxville for the night to see me and C. Unfortunately, C is not going to be able to be at our other friend R's wedding in August because she is taking a big step in here career and working abroad for 4 months. It's sad but also really great and exciting! C and I have also known each other since middle school, but we've had a few tumultuous years recently. It was really nice to hang out as a group and just laugh and laugh. We talked about the more funny moments in our almost decade (!!) of friendship and vowed to visit more.

The next day we went to breakfast as this french café in town that is just delicious. Seriously, whatever you get at Knoxville's The French Market, will probably change your life. Right after we went swimming at a rock quarry.

There were a lot of folks there doing a lot of questionable things, but I really enjoyed myself because we all kind of faced our fears of jumping off the small rock to get in this man-forged spring and then climbing out afterward together.

I don't know if it was the vitamin D or what, but I felt so good that day. I felt like it was a good step for C and I and now I'm pretty sad she won't be around for the wedding.

A couple days later, I hung out with another girl I've known since high school who is also a great photographer. When I was helping Rachel Proctor Photography shoot a wedding a few weeks ago, we realized that we had never modeled for each other! For how many years we've known each other, and how long we've been into photography, it seemed sort of silly. After our adventure I felt like a babe/princess. (Which is what I had really hoped would happen.) I needed some nice picture of me.

Here is my favorite that she got of me. (And future profile photo for every social media outlet!)

And here are a few I got of her that I liked:

I was a little disappointed with myself for not getting better photos. I am really out of practice and lacking the experience, so I hope I can find some more people to make pictures of to get out of this blur-funk I seem to be in.

Okay, so this is going to be a long post (which I hope is rewarding, because it is not Sunday, but Thursday that I am posting this) because I also traveled to Richmond this weekend for a sort of "delayed reception" for my cousin and her now husband! They eloped last fall in Colorado and wanted to come home and celebrate with all of their families.

(Yes, my dad is an iPad-Dad. And a photobomber, apparently.)

I really love going to Richmond. It's where I was born and where a lot of my family members are. I just really never take a moment there for granted since we've live almost 10 hours away for almost my entire life. There are so many trees. I always love driving through the old neighborhoods filled with beautiful trees and trees.

Peace, love, and GO USA,

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