May 20, 2014

Best Week Ever, II

This week started off pretty slow and ended really quickly!


I actually got my Craigslist chairs today! So happy to have coordinating chairs at my dining room table. The mismatched chairs I had before were really bothering me. These are a bit modern, but I think that's where I want to go with my home style. I like a mix between the modern metals and warm woods. These chairs are from IKEA and I got the set for more than half off what they originally went for.. so I'm pretty pleased. I've also been very surprised by how easily I've been able to exchange my furniture in my house. I waited and found a great dining table deal on Craigslist and then sold my old one. I like being able to transition my style and being able to break even (or even make a few bucks) while doing it. I love Craigslist for that reason.. it's like the whole town just swapping styles when it suits them.

Also got my eye on a dresser at the Salvation Army (its price goes down 10% every 10 days!) and next weekend marks day 50 in the store... so I've been checking on it until then. It is PERFECT. I have a problem alright? What is money?

I finished Veronica Mars! Now I can watch the movie and have the opportunity to fall in love with Kristen Bell even more. Swoooon.

I mean, does she age?

"I'm very aware that the only people in this world who could possibly be interested in this are superfans of the radio show who ALSO are superfans of Veronica Mars. If that's a Venn diagram that does not include you, no hard feelings."

It includes me! Oh my gosh, meltdown.

I worked a lot these days, and didn't get to enjoy my usual out-with-friends nights of trivia and writing workshop, but I still had a good time. I started Twin Peaks and on Thursday night my sister came to my work and we drank coffee and tea and knitted and laughed. 

This was the first day of my busy weekend! I do love being busy. It always seems stressful beforehand, but I think parts of that are just excitement for me. I began by running some errands and helping my friends at SAFTA bake around 1,000 biscuits for the International Biscuit Festival held in Knoxville every year. It was a lot of work that we did all by hand (not even spoons for mixing!)

After getting cleaned up, I went to help my friend Rachel (of Rachel Proctor Photography) shoot a wedding! The bride is the best friend of one of my good friends (who was the Maid of Honor), so it was a really fun afternoon! I need some practice shooting weddings since I'll be doing it in July.

This wedding was so small and so romantic. Instead of doing a normal small wedding at the courthouse with family and a few friends, these two were married by the mayor of Knoxville in his office, which had a beautiful view of the river downtown. After the kids were hitched (and the bride read a hilariously adorable passage from one of David Sedaris's books) we headed back to the lawn for photos, until my camera started to die and I gave up.

Biscuit Fest 2014! Why do we have a Biscuit Festival in Knoxville? I have no idea, but we decided to compete in it, even as an arts organization, and damn were our biscuits divine. I spent about 3 hours of this day with a large basting brush in my hand, painting butter on top of biscuits assembly-line style.

I committed.

See you next week!

(fancy signiture, ooooh.. ahhhhh)

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  1. Um, those chairs are amazing. Also I want to watch Veronica Mars! I've never seen it. So this is just more incentive.