May 12, 2014

Best Week Ever, I

So, I've decided to force myself into blog world instead of letting myself get lost in all of my ideas and that fact that I have not followed through with them. I think I've talked before about how writing about not-blogging is probably the worst blog topic imaginable, just like in journal writing when you feel like you should write a few pages to let your journal know what you're up to now. Anyway, I always talk about how I don't blog, so my new goal is to blog so regularly that I don't have to!

Giving myself a once-a-week blog assignment is a start.

Best Week Ever is a post series I will do every every weekend documenting my week with pictures, links, memories, and songs. I've decided to called it BWE after I was trying to explain to Daniel that the way to use social media and to really get into it is to pretend like everything that happened to you is the best ever! He laughed and still continues to have a very boring internet life (and he's a programmer, go figure) but I really like the idea of treating events like they are that important. They are! Every week that I'm still alive is the BEST WEEK EVER.

So, Sunday is when I came up with this idea, so I didn't take any photos. I did however, find out this past weekend that one of my photos is being used for the second time (here's the first) as the cover of an online literary journal called Stirring.

Sunday was my day off after closing at work Thursday-Saturday, so I was really ready to enjoy the day. I went to a poetry reading sponsored by a literary community that I used to intern at, but am now a full-fledged part of and we went for drinks afterward at one of my favorite bars in town.

I also got some plants from my good friends Mary Ellen and Andrew! So glad I could adopt their plants before they move across the country in July. I am photographing their wedding this summer, too! (Possibly in exchange for furniture..) I have a furniture collecting problem. It's serious.



Since Daniel just finished school on Tuesday (and I had to work that night) we decided to make Wednesday a date night! It's been way too long since we have been able to go out, and the weather could not have been more perfect.

We saw the new Captain America, because we both really love superhero movies and the new Avengers take-over that's been happening. Seeing this one was extra exciting because we've been getting really into the new TV show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.! The show and movie both exist in the same universe, so it was like another angle on the same story we've been seeing every week! I really applaud whoever came up with the idea to intertwine the two, and I hope AoS gets renewed for a second season.

After the movie we ate burgers, went home to get Jackson the dog, and then took him to the dog park and out for drinks! All and all, it was a good night. We needed it.


I was supposed to go get some Craigslist furniture, but apparently the family has some emergencies and it didn't work out for that day. Did I mention that furniture addiction of mine?

We also ate at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants because neither of us felt like cooking. We were feeling very Treat yo self and decided to get sopapillas for dessert and they were perfect.

This was a crazy day... Hung out at home, did some cleaning, went to work but it was SO DEAD. My cafe is basically right next to campus and stationed conveniently between campus and the big university neighborhood, so when summer rolls around.. it gets more than a little quiet. I was able to take this photo while on the clock, and I close two hours early.

After work, Daniel and I went out to get some drinks with our friend Johnny who was in town and our other friend Chloe and it was fun, except we stayed out until they turned the lights on at the bar and I was a little sick the next day because I drank on an empty belly. Don't do that, kids. Always buy the drunk hot dog.

Trying to pick up my camera more often these days instead of only using my phone for everything. I resisted posting un-instagramed photos of these days for that reason.

Thanks for reading, and call your mother.

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  1. Woo. Life through the eyes of Stephanie Phillips.