May 28, 2014

Best Week Ever, III

Little late, but I don't care if you don't care.

This was another busy and fun May week...

On Sunday, I met my sister and some of her/our new friends to get our nails done and drink some margaritas before I had to ride the bummer train all the way to work for the rest of the night. I got the gel/shellac nails and I'm happy to report that 1 week+ later, they still look perfect and I feel like a grown up woman who can keep her nails beautiful everyday. Previously, I have been an unkempt 20-something with chipped and dirty fingernails. I want to be the first girl and have these forever. FOREVER.


I went to lunch, A.K.A. a 5 hour talk session, with Rachel and I only took a picture of this bird, who was not shy about wanting out food.

Actually that might have been Tuesday.. on Monday I finally got my new glasses from Warby Parker and crafted with my friend Bee at her cute and still-new house. We painted some pots and spray painted too many things gold. I did these pots gold and put succulents in them for my sister's birthday. Now we have sister succulents— sis-uculents.

I've been working a lot, so if I'm not going to the grocery or cleaning my house before 5 p.m., there's not much to my days. I guess "working a lot" is relative. I think the specific shifts I work make it feel like more, because they are during the time that I'm usually being productive and alive. The morning isn't productive for me yet, but I hope to wake up earlier and make those days work more in my favor soon.

I've been trying to work reading more into my days and choosing it over Facebooking at work or watching Netflix in the afternoons. I just finished a book that I know I'll be returning to for advice again and again. I want to say it changed my perspective on writing and so on, but I think it just helped me to fully realize what I'm doing. You can tell this book was written by a man who has written like 40 novels in his adult life that are all suspenseful, griping, unique and have turned into successful films. He's a pro and with his age and experience has come a wisdom and almost common sense approach to the craft. It's quite refreshing.

I would recommend this book to anyone. My friend Carl said it was one of the best books he ever read, and he is an mechanical engineer by trade. Everyone likes stories and if you're even curious about it, I suggest you pick it up.

This past weekend, I also went to ANOTHER wedding! Wedding's for everyone! This one was a couple I've known since high school and who has been together for roughly 7 years, if not more. To say their union was sweet would be a huge understatement. There were tears. I also got to see my BFF Alex Cline who moved at LA a year ago this week. He was the best man, and he is one of my favorite humans. I wish I had taken more photos at the wedding, but we managed a selfie and here are some other shots from the ceremony:

See you guys next week!

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  1. Yay for reading! I would also like to work that into my life over netflix/facebook. I've been listening to stories on The Moth all week too, have you heard of it?