Dec 28, 2013

Christmas Movie Marathon, Day 20 — While You Were Sleeping (1995)

I don't know if you guys have ever seen this movie, but for some reason it has been a big part of my sister's and my life for so long. I guess a really good romantic comedy just sticks with you, and especially with a just darling Sandy Bullock at the lead. She is really just so great in everything and this movie is no different. I sort of feel like this was a movie I sort of just lucked into knowing about, because I wouldn't think of it as a movie that is played on cable a lot (which, let's be honest, it's how a lot of us see awesome movies from the 90s/00s) but it has a great cast.

The "big day," when the main plot of this movie is set into motion, is Christmas Day, and the family ends up celebrating all of the holiday season together which I think justifies this as a winter-movie, if not a full-on Christmas movie. 

This movie is another one that really makes you wish you had a crazy huge family who could simultaneously make your life that much more difficult and that much more full of love. Sandy plays a girl who had never experienced this kind of family and grew up with only her Dad by her side. Though the premise of the movie is kind of really horrible and, I think, a little unlikely when I imagine someone doing this in real life, it is really charming and their love story is definitely unique. It's kind of like it was in The Family Stone, when SJP comes to spend the Christmas holiday with one son and ends up with the other. You know that it feels unlikely, but with *truuuue love* shit happens, right?

This has always been one of my favorite comedies because it is so well-rounded and well-acted. It just makes me feel really good, and movies that can do that are worth obsessing over.

Also: Bill Pullman. That is all.

Keepin' em coming over here...

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