Dec 28, 2013

Christmas Movie Marathon, Day 21 — Love Actually (2003)

It's my birthday today! (12-21) I specifically put this movie on my birthday so I could watch it and be happy. It is a great movie and one that I've always really liked. It wasn't until this winter season that I've learned how many people actually hate it and rally against it as sexist and overrated.

The best post I've read on Love, Actually that points out all the things wrong with it, had me literally laughing out loud (LLOL) in my empty apartment. If you're really familiar with the movie, like I am, you will die. It's really funny and completely correct, but this movie is such a part of me and so second nature, that I just can't stop loving it. These situations are questionable and the sexist patterns are hard to ignore, but doesn't it make it more realistic that way? I know it's a sucky reality, but doesn't the sucky-ness of their reality make it more believable? I know it's a movie and should be scrutinized because people wrote it to be romantic and more than that, contain diverse romances (of which are seriously lacking in diversity) because people wrote this movie to be romantic, and they miss a big opportunity.

I don't know where I really stand on it, though. I've read a ton of the blog posts and they do make great points. They talk about things that never even crossed my mind while enjoying the movie: the women are passive and the men go out and take the romances they "deserve." And I guess the real sad thing is that I'm just used to those kinds of stories playing out in front of me that I don't even notice. Please don't think I'm blind to these things normally, but honestly with movies, especially comedies that I have enjoyed for many years and with lines I know by heart, I feel like I just relax while watching them.

In saying this, I really mean that I tend to let the more subtle things slide and not that I ignore them all together. Unfortunately, though, this movie relies on tried and true comedy tactics, timing, and subjects and if it is found guilty of sexism and misogyny, I urge you to look a little closer at some other movies our society holds dear. If I overthought all forms of entertainment as deeply as some people have looked into Love, Actually, I think I would be completely depressed and burdened. Of course, it is the presence of these burdened individuals that will change our world for the better and teach people like me to see more than just fun in their entertainment and read between the lines. I'm not trying to be apart of the problem, but what I'm trying to say is that I like this movie and I still think there's some good in it, and that it is NOT the most horrible or most sexist, if you get what I mean.



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  1. I love Love Actually…. never thought too much about all the "issues" because its a Christmas Movie! Enough said.