Dec 26, 2013

Christmas Movie Marathon, Day 19 — How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

This movie is so much better than I ever remembered! Like.. seriously.

Even thinking back on it now I can't remember really identifying with Cindy Lou Who so much or thinking that she was so smart, kind, and freaking pensive and self-reflecting! I really admired her and her struggle the entire movie to figure out what Christmas really is. This is the first of the bunch of movies that I've been totally and pleasantly surprised by.

I feel like I started this whole movie thing to really just try my hand at finding an explanation for Christmas and if it's a thing or a what, a who or a where? I mean even her darling little song (that miss powerhouse Faith Hill redid for the soundtrack, bleh) says, "Christmas, why can't I find you? Has Christmas changed or is it just me?"

Talk about right on the money. Hit me in the gut. That's exactly how I've been feeling lately. Like have I suddenly gotten a bad attitude about my parents giving me money and getting me exactly what I tell them, no surprises? I guess when I was a kid (and like the Whos in this movie) Christmas relies a lot of the magic that we really have to try hard to make ourselves: presents, lights, food, decorations, and movies even. If we're missing some of these details we close up a little bit and think, "Well now Christmas isn't Christmas."

When the Grinch takes all the presents as revenge to the town that rejected him and made him into a monster, the mayor, upon finding that all the presents have been taken, says: (in a totally rude and snotty way) "Well, I guess Christmas is canceled because Cindy Lou HAD to be a really nice person, so I guess we'll all just go home and stare at the wall until it's not Christmas anymore." Like, for one, who talks to a CHILD like that, and number two, you're a big dummy and no wonder Martha May doesn't want to marry you.

• Jim Carrey doing Jim Carrey.
• Baxter the dog being so loyal and wonderful.
• Molly Shannon in anything.
• Subtle adult humor, (when they are explaining how babies come to Whoville in little flying baskets, one lands in front of a random doorstep and the husband comes out and says, "Honey! Our baby's here!! It looks like your boss...")
• Cute noses for everyone.

These are all coming in late but they're coming!!

I hope you all had a really great holiday and are still having a really great season,

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