Dec 21, 2013

Christmas Movie Marathon, Day 18 — Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (1987)

I think it's obvious that I had never seen this movie before, because I totally thought it was a Christmas movie and it's about getting home for Thanksgiving... uhhhh...


At least it was a good movie! It's hard to get much better than two comedy legends working side by side in one movie. Like.. they are literally the only characters in the entire thing.

I've always been a Steve Martin fan, and it's hard not to be when his brand of comedy can be so subtle and down-played. When it's paired with John Candy's boisterous humor, both actors are able to shine without over-shadowing the other. It's basically a match made in comedy heaven.

They are both such phenomenal actors, as well, and can be super poignant when the role calls for it. John Candy damn near broke my heart in the end. To be honest, I already knew the "surprise" ending because my film teacher had showed just the last few minutes in class one day for some teaching reason, I suppose, so I was able to understand Candy's character from the beginning.

I don't really have anything holiday-themed to say about this movie, because well, it's the first of the three holidays in the season and right after it's through, it's all aboard the X-MAS X-PRESS and play our Christmas music until it's all over. It's a little hard to go back. You know what they always say: "Once you pop, the fun don't stop" (which is a saying that is completely relevant to everything).

I'd say if I watched this movie on Thanksgiving I would have been pretty happy about it. It's a good start. I kind of already want to watch it again because it was so short!

Maybe next year ;)

Bye, kids,

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