Dec 20, 2013

Christmas Movie Marathon, Day 17 — Jingle All The Way (1996)

I think I've seen this movie, but I really can't remember! I would have been 5 years young when it came out... It's hard to tell. I know it would have been daycare times, but that was even before daycare times, so maybe not. Man! 1996!

So, while Ahhnuld is busy mis-pronouncing words and barely showing emotions in this movie, he's also a horrible dad, but don't worry because SINBAD IS HERE. Basically Sinbad's role in the whole movie is to make Arnold Schwarzenegger (had to look that one up..) look like a good guy. Seriously, though, if Sinbad's character wasn't in the movie, it would just be a movie about a bad and negligent father who tries really hard to get a last minute present for his son, fails miserably and gets screwed over, even stumping to stealing the present from his neighbor's kid. He gets incredibly lucky and is mistaken for a superhero-actor (Oh, Ahhnuld, such muscles) and gets a free TurboMan and is able to give it to his son.

Really the only character in this movie who goes through a real change is the son! In the beginning of the film, the son just wants the toy and puts it above all else, even convinching his dad if he got the toy for his son that their relationship would be repaired. In the end, after his crazy experience of being sought out and saved by his hero, he's inspired to give his dad a second chance, gives away the doll to someone who wants it more, and puts his family before his material needs.*

*Though, it is SUPER problematic that he now thinks his dad is the "real" TurboMan, and probably thinks that all that time he was missing his karate tournaments that he was fighting bad guys and saving the world from danger. NO, actually he was just a shitty dad.

The only plot line in this movie that I actually enjoyed was their neighbor, who did his best to be the perfect "husband," even though he was divorced, just to win the affections of Arnold's wife. It is fun to watch all the neighborhood and karate moms swoon over him and ask him to come fix things at their house. Also, he is reeeeeeally creepy, which is a big part of why his storyline is the most entertaining.

And introducing Dr. Leo Spaceman (Spa-che-men) a hilarious actor and resident doctor of 30 Rock.

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