Apr 24, 2013

Time to write again…

I was always jealous of blogs I read during the last few years run by students like myself, and the dedication to writing online from many people who are my age and balancing college life like I am. I always wished I had the time and dedication (let's be honest, prioritization) to post regularly, journal regularly, or write creatively for enjoyment online. Being a creative writing major makes this bit of my life a little more tricky, which is why I'm so bad at keeping up with this thing.

I feel like many other bloggers are able to keep up with blogging between math problems and writing about history, because they yearn for the creative outlet that blogging provides. I feel like my creativity can be sometimes sucked dry by dedicating all of the creation I can muster to writing and reading fiction and nonfiction work for a grade, and when it comes to taking the time to blog, I'm busy focusing all my creative energy on revisions of my stories and ways my classmates can improve their own creative endeavors.

I'm not trying to make the claim that I have no other thoughts during the day that I wish to express, I just know that when I'm finished with one big project, I like to veg on that success and drone out, not doing anything creative for awhile. I wish I could blog because I have things to say, but I get the feeling that anything I do that's not homework is procrastination of homework.

With all of that said, I am graduating in about 15 days. So, after I watch far too much Netflix, I'll hopefully be here giving you guys samples of writing that I'm working on, well organized thoughts and questions, and also more instances where I can wrangle together a photo set to post for you guys. I've kind of lost photography in my pursuit of an English degree, and I hope to start it up again and get my pictures out there more. I'll also be trying to become a writer or whatever that means.

In other news, on May 18, eight days after my graduation and about 16 days after my last day as a BN barista, I'm getting in the car with my best friend Alex (who you've seen posted here) and driving to California where he'll stay, and I will fly back a week later. Then, a few days after that, I leave to chaperone a church mission trip for the week, and then maybe I'll think about that relaxing summer I was dreaming of before.

Stick with me, guys, because this is going to be a funky ride and I want to share every bit of it.

P.S. My beautiful friend Bee and I have dreams of starting a drunky-crafty blog where we have a lot of fun and do what we love (drink and be crafty and hilarious) So, be on the lookout for that this summer as well.

Love to your mothers,

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