Feb 25, 2013

Instagram Diaries

So, I decided to submit a ton of my Instagram photos to my university's Literary and Arts Journal, The Phoenix. I submitted them in this fashion, as a somewhat balanced collage. The idea first popped into my head when I was going through my photos trying to decide what to submit, and realizing that I only had access to my photos since July. I've been in a sort of rut, if you can't tell, and mulling over what is considered "art" and what I feel that my work does to earn that ranking. 

My photography work feels like I'm still bumbling around with a camera like I always have been, just with better equipment. I feel still like someone who hasn't found their photo-mojo, but has tried in many different ways. I did the 52 weeks project of self-portraits, which I was very proud of and turned out some great results, but it didn't stick to me or make me any braver like I had hoped. Taking pictures of myself outside still embarrasses me. I want to try more lifestyle photography for blogging and charming documentation, but that hasn't worked out.

I think, I sadly thrive as a photographer when I have less control over the shutter-speed, aperature, ISO, and just shoot what I want. I think this is always why Polaroid, Instax, and disposable cameras have always appealed to me so much. With zero control I feel so much more comfortable and like more of a rogue art-maker in the mundane everyday.

So, here's what I've made with the new Phone-ography craze.
I'm proud and self-conscious at the same time.

P.S — My Instagram username is stephaknees, and thanks to recent developments, you can now view my instagram profile and all my photos on a web-browser and not just a smartphone!
link: http://instagram.com/stephaknees


  1. Oooh yay! I know a lot of people who thrive with less techy cameras. There's definitely nothing wrong with it, and it doesn't make your photographs any less art. Embrace it!

  2. This is why I love you and your creative mind. Keep doing what you are doing because I think it's beautiful.