Jul 9, 2013


Cool! I went to California! It was really cool. While I was there, another friend who was in the middle of their own east to west pilgrimage texted me saying, "Are you still in LA?" and oh my gosh did I feel cool. I even saw a famous person! Also some B-list famous people!

Whew, enough exclaiming for now. I'm proud of my friend Alex {website} and everything he's doing. He's much braver than me, and his passion cannot be matched. It's that passion and quiet drive that will get him where he's meant to be. He can also draw. That helps.

I'm not sure why it took me so long to get these pictures into the world. Maybe it's my despise of editing, my never-ending May-June travelling, or the normal kind of lazy voice in my head that says finishing an entire TV series on Netflix is an "accomplishment." Either way, now that I've got these pictures out and on every website I am an active member of, I realize how much time I've been wasting the last few months or even the past year by not making any visually chartable progress with my photographs by uploading and asking people to see them. This tweet was me realizing this very late last night.

So, expect some oldies but goodies on the Flickr (VIEW MY PHOTOSTREAM DUH) in the next coming weeks and help me get back in the groove of things. 

…and without further adieu, I'm gonna shut my big mouth and show you some photos! This is a photoblog, anyway, but a writer's photoblog so you can thank yourself for that.

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"California, here we come…"

Urgh. That was time-consuming AND I made the mistake of not checking if the spaces between were black or white. I ONLY like them white, so I don't know why my program sometimes changes it to black. Yuck. Too bad I don't have the energy to go back and change them all. 


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