Dec 18, 2012


Those bugs came out this night and they were bitchier than ever. My very studly BFF, Alex Cline (who has now had his own cartoons published in MAD Magazine twice this fall) hosted an art show/comic book release party for a weekly project he had been working on called Bitch Bugs.

It's really hard to explain and even harder to fathom how this all came out of Alex's head, but here is an example:

Click for Alex's Blog and more bitches!

I actually attempted to edit these photos, which is kind of huge for me. I usually don't have the patience for doing it, because when I'm usually done, I end up thinking the original is just as good. Also, I like my photos to be good because I took a great photo, not because I can use curves. Which, by the way, I'm still getting the hang of. I starred at the picture of Alex's head at the beginning of the post for at least an hour at Starbucks today and found that all the ways I had it were either too yellow or red. The guy next to me probably thought I was obsessed with Alex. (I totally am.)

 Moral of the story: Alex is perfect and editing is actually a valuable experience sometimes.

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