Mar 10, 2015

2015 so far

I can't seem to get the thought out of my head recently that each month, each week, each day, can be so unique, because is in fact the only March 10, 2015 that will ever happen. I've been letting my routine sort of happen to me instead of planning it out on my own. Here's what it is so far:

  • Wake up while Daniel gets ready and leaves for work around 8 and then go back to sleep for an hour.
  • Accidentally go back to sleep for 2 hours even though you went to bed at 12 (and possibly stayed up for an hour and half reading after that..)
  • Lay in bed while I read every update on my phone and look at Instagram while trying to hide from Jackson, who at this point really has to go out.
  • Take him out, feed him, and start boiling water for coffee and making breakfast.
  • Clean the kitchen and unload/reload dishwasher.
  • Watch an episode of something while eating.
  • Watch another episode of something and think about what I should be accomplishing.
  • Watch another episode of something while ignoring responsibilities and succumbing to a life of laze. 
  • At this point it is the afternoon so I attempt to clean the house a little bit so Daniel will think I was productive when he gets home. 

Sometimes I actually do substitute these steps with going to the grocery store or going to a coffee shop to get some writing done, but it's hard to get motivated when you've become used to watching TV during all at-home activities. I will get into this mindset where I feel like I can't do anything in silence, and so I'll put on something with other goals in mind and then I can't give 100% to those goals because I'm distracting myself. It is quite frustrating, but having written out this lazy-girl itinerary, I feel incredibly embarrassed by it.

I want to remember days and moments, but how can I remember days if I don't make them memorable or treat them like they are new? I've been talking a lot about changing my routine and being tired of my laziness, and talking can feel a lot like doing in my experience, but it is not. 

Time to stop talking about change and be proud of my life. 

Talented people don't get what they want, motivated people do.

With that, here are some photos I've taken so far with my new (!!!) camera. I hope you're having a completely memorable day.

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