Aug 10, 2014

Best Week EVER, XIV

Can you believe that X-I-V? I feel like I still just started these posts and I still haven't gotten the hang of it.

This week has been very relaxed, can't help but feel like there are still so many stresses waiting just beyond the trees for their turn at me. Here's my to-do list for the next few weeks:

— narrow down graduate school list.
— contact professors about recommendation letters.
— polish a short story to send with those requests.
— think of a way to make more money. (another job, perhaps?)
— have yard sale.
— make pillows and curtains.
— finish resumé / update LinkedIn.
— keep up with SAFTA posting, writing.

Most of these things d have to do with grad school. It's a lot of things to organize and account for. I'm very scared about all the work and the possibility of not getting in or not getting any money from the schools so I have to take out more loans. It's all happening so fast and I can't help but feel like I've almost wasted this year+ after graduation not writing and not researching.

But I'm happy! I promise! My best friend is about to get married (as are two of my cousins!) and I am slowly closing in on my family's vacation!

Daniel and I went to a Mexican restaurant whose translated name turned out to be, The Loose Donkey.

The highlight of my week was probably skyping with one of my greatest friends Alex last night.

We talked for two hours and it went by so fast, as it always does. He lives in LA right now and is struggling to make it his own and stay inspired. He makes me feel like I should really take advantage of my surroundings more often because I don't know where the next few years could take me.

This week I vow to go on one run and one picnic.

Bye y'all,

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