Jan 11, 2014

Christmas Movie Marathon, Day 27 — When Harry Met Sally (1989)

I don't know if I say this a lot, but THIS IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE of all time. Do I say that a lot?

I actually discovered this movie on accident. Of course I've always heard of it, but never really investigated it further other than learning it was another Meg Ryan 90's rom-com. Honestly, that should have been my first indication that I would fall in love with it, I don't know how I missed it. I was flipping channels and one afternoon in high school from the cushy armchair of my parents house, and I don't remember which scene I caught, but I continued to watch the movie from that point. And because some channels really have no idea what to play sometimes, they give themselves breaks by building up the fact that they are going to play the same movie twice a day for 3 days by calling it "Romance Weekend!" or "Meg Ryan Marathon!" ABC Family does this shit all the time with the Harry Potter movies! Halloween weekend? Harry Potter Marathon! Christmas Weekend? Harry Potter Marathon! Labor Day? Harry Potter Marathon! Veteran's Day? Harry Potter Marathon! You get it.

So, anyway, it was one of those weekends for When Harry Met Sally and it was coming on again right after, so I got to watch the beginning that I had previously missed… and then I finished the movie again. And then I watched it the next day, too.

Now.. how is this a Christmas movie, you might ask? Mostly because I said so, and you probably weren't even wondering that because of how much you also love this movie and miss it if you haven't seen it in awhile. But, really, it is a sort of wintry movie because big moments happen on New Years and around the holidays. My Christmas movie list goes a little rogue after Christmas Day, because it feels weird to watch movies that are too seasonal after the main event. So, the 6 movies that follow it are not all necessarily holiday themed, but they are at least a little wintry in one way or another.

This is such a sweet and awesome movie. (Weird. I basically typed that sentence without using my brain. I'll try to give you more than my unconscious stock opinion.) The movie, to me, is realistic and romantic without being too mushy about it. My boyfriend, Daniel, does not like romantic comedies and completely scoffs when I say that I like a good SOLID romantic comedy (not the horrible shiny-happy people ones) and that they are as close to reality as movies get, in my opinion. Maybe I just see my life as a romantic comedy. I want to write a story where a character says that.

I digress, I was going through the channels at Daniel's house earlier this year and what do you know, When Harry Met Sally was on TV. I stopped on the movie with no contest from Daniel. I figured he just hadn't realized what movie it was yet. He laughed. I laughed. He watched the screen intently. I watched him intently. SUCCESS. This is my greatest victory.

P.S. - They somehow managed to make Billy Crystal completely charming, and this was the first and last time that ever happened.

P.P.S - God bless the BFFs in this movie, because the relationships they have with Harry and Sally are supportive and hilarious. Just a really well-written movie. Good on you, Nora Ephron.

Surrey with the fringe on top!

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