Dec 6, 2013

Christmas Movie Marathon, Day 5 — I'll Be Home for Christmas (1998)

Guys, they use beepers in this movie. BEEPERS.

I used to really love this movie! Probably because of the sound track, (or JTT), or sassy Jessica Biel (JTT), or maybe it was that it's just a great adventure story (and JTT's in it). I'm really not obsessed with Jonathan Taylor Thomas, but you know we all had our moments.

SO, this movie starts out with JTT sweet talking his way around a made-up college campus in Los Angeles where there are ironic Christmas decorations up and people are still wearing Hawaiian shirts. Basically his character is a friend to all: geeks, beefy jocks, athletic popular girls. He helps some of his jock "friends," who I think were going to give him money, or honor, or something, for helping them cheat on a final. They all had athletic beepers for some kind of "football emergencies" that would undoubtably show up, and JTT's geeky friend (whom we first meet trapped inside of a locker… IN COLLEGE) types out the answers so they scroll across their beepers. TECHNOLOGY, right? Wow. Leader of punks, Eddie, walks in on geeky dude typing in the answers on his magical IBM and types something that resembles the perfect 90s insult: "Game over, losers." And then the over-compensating Eddie pretends to be the victim and like he didn't just make his own bros fail their final and get mad at JTT (and the geek lackey ends up back in the locker...).

Really the events in the school portion this movie are much better suited for high school, because 1.) Cheating can literally get you kicked out of a university, and barred from furthering your education at others. 2.) Why are there lockers in college? and 3.) How in the hell could 3 kids from the same town in New York end up in the same college in Los Angeles? The story is literally only set with them in college so they can travel a long way home after the semester. Should be boarding school if you ask me. JTT does look about 17.

I can't even remember JTT's character's name in this movie, but I think it's Jake? Jake's story has all the good tenants of a late 90s-early 2000s teenage movie and also those of your everyday road trip movie. Not only does he mess up with his girlfriend right at the beginning, he lets her down a second time without even the intention of doing so because of good guy/bad guy Eddie who plans on stealing her. Not only does Jake spend most of the movie trying to get her back, and she also finds out he may be in it for something else: the legendary Porsche. As for the road trip movie tenants, he meets a lot of crazy people and goes through certain "tasks" a la The Odyssey. Each of these tasks help him to be a better person and realize why his family and his girlfriend are most important to him.

Jessica Biel is like my hero in this movie because she deals some serious sass and gets her ass back to New York all by her damn self just to see her family.

Our Christmas morals in this movie aren't very subtle, but who doesn't love a good "road-trip/teen-love-comedy-that-celebrates-the-importance-of-family-friends-and-selflessness," amirite?

Sorry, I couldn't dig very deep for this post. I've had a few days that have felt busy, but really I am just slacking and not doing my best.

Don't worry, babes, my best is coming right up!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

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