Dec 5, 2013

Christmas Movie Marathon, Day 4 — Meet Me in St. Louis

I'm gonna go ahead and call bullshit on whoever got the idea that Meet Me in St. Louis was a Christmas movie. It was probably the same person who declared that families everywhere should watch It's a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve because the last 30 minutes of the movie occur on that day. I'm not completely against it, but really, that movie is *AMAZING* at all times of year, and this one is the same way. I guess people just like feeling nostalgic during the holiday season, so they drift more towards classic movies. Look, I get it, I'm nostalgia's most enthusiastic supporter, but old movies are good all year long!

December does have an old-timey feel to it, though. I suppose people have been romanticizing their holiday seasons for so many years, that now the tradition is to watch and listen to those movies and songs made to romanticize the holiday season and allow ourselves to be transported to a simpler time (where dads could actually threaten to get rid of the giant phone on the wall, like in this movie). The songs and movies of the holidays are mostly the same ones we have been listening to our entire lives, and for some reason we can't stop. (Like Miley.)

I can see how people like to watch this movie for Judy Garland's beautiful rendition of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" near the end. Just those few minutes of her gazing out the window, looking doll-like and flush with beauty, make the entire movie worth it. She is adorable to watch and I find her voice somewhat of a comfort after viewing The Wizard of Oz too many times as a child.

I suppose it's okay to watch certain movies just to see one part, especially if they're good ones. I'm super guilty of that. Heck, even in this list, there are many questionable Christmas-y movies that I put in here for my own enjoyment. Maybe I love that Kathleen Kelly listens to Joni Mitchell's "River" while decorating her tree in You've Got Mail, and maybe I love how happy Harry is when he realizes he actually has presents under the tree in the first Harry Potter movie. (Also, I've definitely watched the second movie only because I felt like seeing Moaning Myrtle, and also a little Harry/Ginny ~love~ foreshadowing, of course.)

Thought about just going on an angry rant about this movie and its validity as  Christmas classic, but after typing some I came to a different conclusion. See? Writing is fun and helpful, and I have much more steam when it comes to seeing the happy side rather than staying mad.

More on the movie: The little sister's completely stole the show for me until Ester and John Truett finally got down to meeting each other and being cute. I really can have my heart stolen by old-fashioned courting. "Mr. Truett? Will you accompany me to turn out the lights around the house?" SO SWEET. Many Romance. Much cute. Wow.

Well, I'm running a little behind on these posts because I seem to have forgotten I have a job sometimes, so I'll try not to make my postings so late once I get a better handle on my schedule. Excited about the 90's bliss I just consumed to write on tomorrow ;) One thing: JTT.

Peace and love and JTT,

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