Dec 15, 2013

Christmas Movie Marathon, Day 14 — Diehard (1988)


Woah, my last two movies came out the same year. Merry Christmas from 1988, world!

Obviously, Diehard is one of the most cherished holiday classics of my generation. Taking place on Christmas Eve, the joyousness of the holiday season is felt immediately with a husband traveling to spend Christmas with his wife and children. He meets a friendly limo driver who delivers him to his belovéd at her office Christmas party. After a brief and tense reunion, the party is interrupted by guns a-blazin'.

So Christmas-y! I told ya!

The rest of this movie is full of much blood, guns, Christmas, loud noises, Europeans, screaming, running barefoot through glass, cigarette smoking, and talks of detonators, but EVENTUALLY bad guys are dead, police men get told, and John McClane is standing in front of flames, victorious. Shirtless and sweaty, he holds five machine guns as his lady, scantily clad in a tattered peach skirt suit, clings to his tan muscular thigh while looking upward, leering at him.

Kind of. You get the idea.

I'd like to thank Snape and Carl Winslow for really making this movie great for me.

This kind of thing seems to happen to John McClane a lot. I mean.. at least 3 more times in his life. It could happen again, even!

Either way, this movie, and the other ways he decides to die-hard, are great movies, and even better when you catch on TV. I know I can never stop myself from watching them when they are on. They just put the Christmas spirit right in my little ole heart.

We've almost reached the halfway point of my marathon and I'm trying hard not to lose steam! I really can't believe how fast the time has gone and how little Christmas shopping I've done. I hope you all are having happy Decembers, I know I've had some good things come my way, and I'll share them with you after the holidays!


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