Dec 14, 2013

Christmas Movie Marathon, Day 13 — Scrooged (1988)

This is another movie that I cannot believe it took me so long to see! Who doesn't love Bill Murray? And while we're on it, who doesn't love a good remake of the classic Charles Dickens story, A Christmas Carol?

I swear, while I was making this list of movies I was overwhelmed with the amount of A Christmas Carol remakes there were to choose from. I chose this as the one to watch. (I was very close to choosing A Muppet's Christmas Carol) I think I could have literally watched one Christmas Carol-esque movie a day for whole month of December and still have plenty left over! Think about it: It's a Wonderful Life, Mickey's Christmas Carol, the weird one with an animated Jim Carrey, Looney Tunes has one, plenty of traditionally done ones, and even some Hallmark movies use the same storyline (I'm thinking A Diva's Christmas Carol, with Vanessa Williams. SO many.)

They are even making one in this movie! (Which, does he mention that what's happening to him is curiously like the special he's broadcasting?)

Every time I see a movie with Bill Murray in it, I am always like 100% that most of his lines are ad-libbed, because when you're Bill Murray, people just let you do that. Also, they know it will make their movie all the more full of awesome. Have you guys ever seen Tootsie with Dustin Hoffman? If not, I fully recommend it. Bill Murray plays Dustin Hoffman's roommate/BFF, and my film teacher told the class they didn't even give him lines. With Bill, I'm sure you've just got to say when.

I'd say this was one of the funniest renditions I've seen. Besides being so '80s it hurts, it reinvents the story just enough to be able to stand alone and not become just another remake. In this one, his assistant is a single mom with quite a few children, including one who doesn't speak (the "Tiny Tim" character), and one of the "Scrooge's" employees actually comes back and attempts to murder his boss for firing him and setting off a myriad of horrible events in his life.

Otherwise, all the same hijinks are in motion: Bill is a money-crazed corporate tyrant who works his employees tirelessly and gives them little to show for it. He has a lost love, an estranged family, and a loyal secretary, who he all screws over at some point, but they readily give him a second chance. (Awwwz, Christmas warm fuzzies) His ghosts are both silly and extremely creepy, and even their portrayals escape Dickens' clichés which is refreshing and un-annoying.

All in all, you should watch this movie this year because it is hilarious and Christmas-y without the cheese.

Tomorrow... get ready,
"Now I have a machine gun. Ho-Ho-Ho."


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