Oct 28, 2014

The Sunrise is Stupid

I took a lot, and I mean multitudes of beautiful photos during the sunrise of the final morning of my vacation back in September. They've since been sitting on my computer untouched until recently, and even now after taking the time to go through all of them and flag my favorites there are still 65 photos sitting in that folder. This morning was incredible and unreal and even more incredible and unreal is the idea that the this happens the same way every morning in this place. I kept looking at the back of my camera and rolling my eyes, because they looked so freaking good. I'm not trying to talk up my photography skills, (but if I was it's my blog, and I can do whatever I want) because my skill had nothing to do with it. Have you ever seen a terrible picture of a sunrise or sunset? Every shot looked like it came standard as my laptop background.

It doesn't take an artist. I didn't feel like an artist (not that I often do). I'm just someone who has seen all the cliché photos and still feels the need to bring more into the world. I feel like it's very human to want to capture beautiful things when we see them with our own eyes, even though the same thing will happen tomorrow and the next day.

I've felt a lot recently like I have been in my head with stress, loss, and defeat instead of stopping to just go outside and revel in the season I continue to boast as my favorite. I don't deserve the fall right now, but I did take a second to relish in the summer, so I just wanted share that.

P.S. I am sad to have to add that photos on this blog will be sparse in the coming weeks/months because my camera was stolen from me as a result of a break-in. The thief stole 4 cameras from me, in fact, and I am at a loss. Now that I'm not able to use my camera, I feel more inspired than ever with no outlet. Thinking of starting a fund to help me buy a new one.

Thank for being here, guys.
Stay with me,

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