Jun 10, 2014


Welcome to Best Week Ever Five! If you're just starting here, this is a series I post every week that serves to challenge myself to (1) actually use my blog, and (2) pull out my camera more often. These are two things that I want to be apart of my life and two things that I struggle with keeping up with.

This week is my best friend Rachel's last week in town. Her and her fiancé, Carl, are moving to Nashville on Monday. Fancy Brentwood, to be more specific. They are almost my only ties back home and two of the people who really know me, who I was and who I am, and I will really miss them. They are probably some of the only people who aren't my family who really see me and understand me in ways I probably don't even know. It could be worse, though, because Brentwood is only about 30 minutes away from where we grew up, so I will definitely still see them, but I can't help but feel like this is just another step in a mass exodus from my college town that began right after graduation and will officially end when I move next summer.

Some new friends, a couple who is involved with Sundress Pub. and who I've become relatively close to, are also moving in 2 months across the country. After their wedding in July and after their move, I honestly can't be sure when I will see them next, which stinks. They are special people. Shiny people. They radiate, if that makes sense to you. Spokane, Washington is really far away and my only regret is not meeting them sooner. (But I think Mary Ellen will become my second Pacific Northwest pen pal!)

On Saturday, Bee and I probably had our most productive craft night ever. We're practicing for our blog. We still don't have a design or someone to code it, but we will! We also watched two pretty great movies: Fever Pitch (ungh, Jimmy Fallon *heart eyes emoji*) and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I only cried a little. Anyway, we made a pretty famous and definitely copywritten craft, but IT'S OKAY because we're not selling them for profit, right? We made a second set of banners that I came up with to show our love for the sweet state of Tennessee. I don't give this place enough credit for raising me.

The last two weeks of June are really busy for me, which is good as far as picture-taking goes, but bad for spending time with my boyfriend. A busy life is a happy life, for sure, but I think I need to learn to say no more. I've been committing to a lot of events for my second job, SAFTA, without even a glance at what I have going on the days around that. I'm trying to be better for Daniel, because I've really been leaving him out in all my enthusiasm for community events. 

This coming week, though I work four nights in a row (going into work right as Daniel gets home), I vow to meet Daniel for lunch at work, spend time with him when I get home at 11 until bed, see The Fault in Our Stars, and start "Orange is the New Black season 2. Priorities, guys, gah.

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