Dec 8, 2013

Christmas Movie Marathon, Day 8 — To Grandmother's House We Go (1992)

GUYS. Guys. I just need you to know that all the Mary Kate and Ashley movies through the years are on YouTube in their entirety. We're talking, Passport to Paris, Our Lips Are Sealed, Holiday in the Sun.... YEAH. Say goodbye to your Christmas break.

I feel like my Polar Express post was kind of boring and just rambling about the movies and not editing and all while trying not to bore you at the same time. I think it reads kind of "bleh." I'm trying to get to what makes Christmas "Christmas" and just critiquing movies instead. What I should have told you is that I decorated my little tree while I watched Polar Express and played on my phone for the last half of it, and how while I watched To Grandmother's House We Go, I meant to paint my nails gold and show you guys, but forgot. (Tomorrow!) I can't believe it's only Sunday. This month already feels like it's wasting away. The little December sand is streaming through the hourglass and I can't stop it. Heck, more like 2013 sand. Where has the year even gone? Anyway…

Ladies and Gentlemen, the singers of such classic hits like, "Gimme Pizza" and "You're Invited"…
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen !!

Here are the girls and their Gammie. I haven't seen this movie in YEARS. It's pretty funny and a good silly watch for an afternoon. I always think about people who write the screenplays for made-for-TV-movies and how much they make or how good they feel about themselves. I guess I'd love to write silly screenplays if they actually get made. I would be proud to have written The Grandmother's House We Go, especially if I was writing it for Mary Kate and Ashley. They were SUCH a part of my childhood that it kind of freaks me out that they're closer to 30 now and I haven't seen them on TV or magazines in so long. (But, in reality, I guess that means they're doing good and keeping their lives to themselves. Good for them.)

Basically the little ones (They are SO LITTLE in this movie) are quite the handful, and misunderstand their Mom when they overhear that she needs a break and that she's overwhelmed. I mean, I guess they understand her perfectly, they just took it upon themselves to give her that break in a horrible way. I like that the writer added in some prime little-kid logic and made the girls think they could ride their bike to their grandmother's house, even though they weren't allowed to cross the street by themselves. They had a pretty sweet two days being runaways and getting kidnapped, and they STILL got to grandma's on Christmas Eve. They got free meals, slept in a bed, went to a play place with a ball pit and whack-a-mole, even made some tips. I guess serious roles weren't really MK+A's style.

They also help Eddie win the big jackpot in the end! (in a scene I like to call, "Spot the Full House cast member.." *hint: DJ's in the audience.) Talk about the best 3 days of their lives!

I really need to start taking my own screenshots while I watch these movies because literally all the screenshots I could find online from this movie are of the girls, and I really didn't want my blog to turn into a MK+A shrine. Also, they never save the parts that I like the most!

Also, never forget that MK+A give fried chicken to a guy playing saxophone…

Tomorrow we dive into the wonderful world of DCOM.


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