Dec 3, 2013

Christmas Movie Marathon, Day 2 — The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

"What does it mean?!" 

I haven't watched this movie in a few years, and I totally forgot how cute and weird it is. It is sort of misleading as a Christmas-in-the-title movie, because it doesn't feel like it's in the same vein as all the others. Either way, this is definitely the season to be watching it. As far as helping me in my quest to figure out exactly what Christmas is, and how people make it real for themselves, this movie is literally someone attempting to make it real for the first time. He's able to see the good and the weird happy feelings that come from it, but he can't seem to bottle it, so to speak.

I love that Jack gets all science-y and really tries to figure out what it is that makes Christmas feel so special. In fact, this is the part of the movie I find really relatable. This could be looking too far into it (but isn't this entire project/theme?) but when people grow up, stop believing in Santa, and move out of their parents house, it's hard to rebuild the idea of Christmas, because you know it's not going to be like it was when you were a kid. Jack does his homework, and he soon knows all the fairy tales, the words to the carols, the costumes, and traditions. He mimics the holiday in Halloween Town, gets all the people involved, but still fails to make it work.

Jack the Pumpkin King becomes obsessed with Christmas, but it's more than just being obsessed with this literal new world he has discovered. When he plops into the snow of Christmas Town, he sees time and care being put into their holiday, with happier results than those of Halloween Town (not just a Disney Channel Original Movie) . Remember, Jack is celebrated as the king of scaring and spooking his own town and wants to try to do the same thing by bringing Christmas to his people. Of course, he's barking up the wrong tree at first and ruins Christmas in an adorable attempt to take over ole Sandy Claws' job for the night, but he really does want to succeed and find that Christmas feeling.

So, Jack saves Christmas, but only after ruining it and coming to the realization that he is awesome and is really good at what he does. He got in a rut, but soon realizes how much the people of his town depend on him much like the people of Christmas Town depend on Santa Claus. He IS their Santa Claus and the perfect fit for Pumpkin King, he just needed to do some soul searching.

Also, don't forget that this movie is great because it's a MUSICAL, a LOVE STORY, and CLAYMATION. I mean, really. Give it up for Sally, cause that girl gets shit done.

Tomorrow, we get a bit more modern with a celebrity-filled-to-the-brim Christmas heart-warmer, and the first movie on my list I have never seen before.

Until then!

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