Dec 12, 2013

Christmas Movie Marathon, Day 11 — Home Alone (1990) Tipsy-Blog Addition.

Okay, so I've never live-blogged anything before, but I've made burgers for dinner, had 2 beers, and this is seeming like a great idea. Also, HOME ALONE. Me, too.

I feel funnier.

"A John Hughes production" feeling good about that. Legend.
"A Chris Columbus film" also feeling good about that! Harry Potter, y'all.

I personally prefer Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, because it's magical and Tim Curry, duh.

Spotted: real-life Culkin little brother, and older brother from Pete and Pete!

& how did I never realize that the cop in the beginning is the bad guy?

*huge break where I stopped typing* (sorry, long time fan, first time live-blogging.)

JOHN CANDY! wow. love him.

The creepy guy is nice! Didn't we all already know this? They always are.

I feel like this movie has the same basic plot points as the second movie, which I've seen so many more times than the first.

Ugh, me and Kevin totally agree on the scariness of basements and how you have to face them to do the laundry, but mine is MUCh scarier. Like a Dexter murder basement.

Okay, so we had the nice moment between him and the scary person (neighbor in movie 1, bird lady in movie 2) and now it's time to freaking throw down with the bad guys!

This is my house and I have to defend it!

I never realized how staged the bad guys look while all the bad stuff is happening to them..

Yep, just spilled the very beginnings of beer number 4 down my shirt. I think I'm just going to leave it til it dries... My shirt is absorbent.

Ew, I totally forgot tarantulas exist.. WHY GOD they are so scary.
I think they are more scary because we call them tarantulas all the time instead of just a different kind of spider.

Okay, Kevin McCallister has the treehouse of my dreams.

I do not remember how this ends, but I think if I were Kevin's parents, I'd be proud he saved the house, but they probably have to pay in damages what they might have lost in jewelry and TVs and such.

Awww Kevie got a white Christmas.

(Me in the mornings)

Do you think he realizes there is no Santa Claus when there are no presents under the tree when his parents aren't there? Sadness.

What else did you do while we were away?
Oh, you know just hung around.

Woooah, Kevin McCallister, now local celebrity.


You're welcome, World,

P.S. — How sick of making this face do you think Macaulay Culkin is, on a scale from "guys, c'mon" to "I do cocaine now" ? I'm gonna go with somewhere in the middle. Like… "I did cocaine once, but I also did some more movies so people like me as an adult."

k bye

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