Dec 12, 2013

Christmas Movie Marathon, Day 10 — White Christmas (1954)

I can see why this movie is a classic. I really loved it, but I also had a crush on the entire cast the whole time I was watching the film, so that may have had something to do with it. They are all so cute!

This movie gave me everything I wanted and more. There was singing, dancing, beautiful dresses, great songs, an emotional moment with the general, and a big finale. Wow, I already want to watch it again, honestly, because I find movies like this such a comfort.

At first I was kind of confused on how it was Christmas-y besides the obviously season-specific title, but after only a few minutes, here comes Bing and his magical voice. His voice really is so insane and unique and after tuning the radio to the all-Christmas-all-the-time station the day after Thanksgiving for many years, I've definitely heard Bing sing that song a few times.

His voice is like a time machine. With such a memory-evoking sound, no wonder people play it over and over again. If I close my eyes I can imagine my face being whipped by the harsh winds and being really little again and seeing Christmas lights blur out the car window in the steam.

I also realized while watching this movie that my hair-dresser might have given me the same hairstyle as Betty (in red). Short around the ears and sort of asymmetrical? Yeah, if I flat-ironed and curled under my ends, I think I could be a brunette Betty Haynes (and that's kind of exciting, because she is a beaut.) Not, gonna lie, i was a little distracted by the fact that her sister Judy's waist in INCREDIBLY small. Like, corset small. Ouch. Sign of the times, I guess.  Another sign of the times: I love the old-fashioned emphasis on dancing. I feel like dancing has really expanded so much over the years that it's not held in the same regard as it was back then. Intimate, yet still aloof.

The performances were really great. I miss being on a stage. Not that I was my high school's most-beloved performer, but I did enjoy the rush of nerves and the real feeling of accomplishment and community in being apart of an ensemble and putting on a great show.

All the happy couples ended up together! I mean, maybe not Paul and Judy, but they at least pretended to be madly in love for awhile (dumb plan). They have feelings for each other, I just know it.

Until tomorrow, I have a little bit of a ... different approach,

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