Sep 29, 2012

Boomsday !

September 2, 2012 was Boomsday here in Knoxville. We like to think it's a pretty big deal. We have fireworks that are always the biggest of any Labor Day fireworks in the nation. I'm not super sure that other places even do fireworks for Labor Day, but hey, when you're the best, you're the best. I was with Daniel, my sister and her husband Aaron, Aaron's older sister, her husband, and their two kids, along with another couple.

It was pretty cool. Yay, for lacy dresses.

No one's ever taken this picture before!
The view from the roof of Aaron's office building.

And... then it rained and we huddled inside the conference room for the finale.

I think these type of photos are my favorite to take in these situations. Silhouettes are so beautiful and a crisp one is always a challenge.

Daniel took this of me, while I quit taking pictures to be a kid and ogle at fireworks.

This is my sister's nephew, Jack, who played hide and seek with each adult individually and also took photos (with my camera and the strap securely around his neck...) of each person in the room after drawing our portraits. He was the sweetest.

When I tried to take his picture he kept dancing around and then I told him he had to be still to get a good one. :)

Word to your mothers,
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