Aug 23, 2009

I'm Moving. (On.)

"There are times in our lives when we are called to the plate--called to our mirrors & asked to live the way we ought to live. To be open to these "Come to Jesus" moments, I have to see Jesus in the humanity of each person and allow their stories to become mine. To allow my ego to drift & my arms to open wide. Letting the Spirit in leaves no more voids in a life once deemed unfilled.

In your presence, I am content. We are sleeping in the quiet because our hearts are restless in the noise, unable to discern what is noise and what is truly worth hearing.

Sorry for journaling on your table--I couldn't find a blank piece of paper. I pray that all of us remain ajar. Remain open to the things God has yet to fill us with & retain, preserve, the joy that bleeds from within. Our tastes are the glory and our relationships with others are our recipes.

Cheesy writing--I love you & seek to hear you more clearly."

-Kevin Edwards, CYO Director, Nashville Dioceses.


I move into college tomorrow.
W.K.EW. (That was for Jimmy.)

Pray for me. This is the time in my life I've been biding for since I was 15.
Pray that He'll be with me. And even more than that, pray that it will matter to me that He's always with me.
Yeah, pray for that.

My love to you all. Even those who will never come across these mumblings.

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